We use the Sociomaping, 360 type of instrument that enables us to map and develop connections between team members or among departments/divisions. It is unique methodology using landscape metaphor to visualize complex relational data, has a high impact interactive presentation format, intuitive and easy to work with.




The analytic part of our service will provide you with specific hints on “what to develope”, the interactive part will answer the question of “how to develope”.


Example of a Team Sociomap

Team Sociomapping Outputs

  • Set of sociomaps – interactive visualization of team relations
  • Individual reports including personalized summary of results for each team member.

We map and develope following success factor

• Team profile

Using various kinds of psychometric and organizational data (psychological profiles, data on performance, ect.) enables insights into the team and gives specific feedback to team members.

• Team formation

Is specially focused on development of team cooperation and achievement of group targets. Essential issues are current and optimal frequency of communication in the team, increasing mutual knowledge of individuals team member’s job description, as well as definition of joint targets.

• Communication analysis

Is focused on comparing the current and optimal level of communication, measurement of effectiveness and identification of development spots in the communication network. The main goal is to analyse communication relationships, to point out the critical spots to the team and to propose suitable remedies.

• Effectiveness of cooperation

Is analysis of workflow, briefs, data and outputs. It suits teams which do not operate on the optimal level and the cooperation channels which reduce the team effectiveness must be identified.

• Decision making and strategy

Answers the question of whether the decision making of the team is effective. Output of this analysis are concrete recommendations of how to share the decision making processes when managing individual departments or areas.