We work with the premise, that organizational performance is strongly influenced not only by skills and knowledge of managers and employees, but also by level of collaboration among teams, departments or divisions. Communication is the key to higher performance and employee engagement:

  • Companies with the most effective employee communication have 48% higher shareholder returns over the last five years (Towers Watson, Communication ROI Study, 2011).
  • The top two factors contributing to an increase of employee engagement within organizations are individual supervisors (85%) and amount of employee communication (81%). (IABC Research Foundation/Buck Consultant, Employee Engagement Survey, 2011).
  • Companies highly effective at both communication and change management are 2.5 times as likely to outperform their peers as companies that are not highly effective in either area (Towers Watson, Change and Communication ROI Study, 2011).

Why to use HRC Technology

It continuously improves the cooperation effectiveness, capturing failing communication, cooperation and problematic relationships. Like in real space the use of our methodology 3D maps will show you where you are, where you want to go and how to get there, saving time, money and energy.

  • it will focus on critical success factors of cooperation
  • it gives the team leader specific recommendations to improve the teamwork and the evidence to make the right decisions
  • all teams members are included in the project and this creates involvement and buy-in
  • it integrates subjective perspectives and enables the discussion of difficult topics
  • it tracks changes in time and it helps to understand what is happening